Muriel Lisk McIntyre

Artist    Curator   Researcher

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Muriel McIntyre (1996, Colmar France) is french american artist and curator working primarily with site specific installation, collage and artistic collaboration.
The bi-cultural nature of her upbringing has a prominent place in her work, as it is a premise of her creative research. Her other focus si the ubiquitous object confronted with the abject.
While completing a BA and MFA from the University of Edinburgh (2016-21), she has tackled art in an academic and theoretical angle, while expanding her reflective process through exchanges and residencies. These have included TAKT Berlin 2018; NSCAD Halifax 2019; Michaelis school of Fine Art Cape Town, South Africa 2019; Alte Munze Berlin 2020. 

She has produced and curated personal and group exhibitions, for example with the large scale exhibition Corona Culture, (Alte Munze, Berlin Germany, 2021). Since January, she has been involved as an associate curator at gr_und gallery (Berlin). She is co-founder and artistic director of Colours of Edinburgh, a social enterprise and platform for newcomers seeking refuge to share their stories through art, research and digital media (Edinburgh, Scotland, 2017-present). 
Marie Jayne Chanel, a creative collective she founded with Claire McIntyre in 2020, has  featured work in the publication of Cahier d’Image (Kianpour & Partners, Luxembourg, 2020) and the exhibition 48 Stunden Neukölln (Berlin, Germany 2021). 

She considers a work of art to be something impactful and strong, that reaches a level of skill, theory and truth that is accessible to anyone with an interest and curiosity to understand, regardless of their social and educational background. 

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