As an installation artist and curator, I have come to understand that my practice is about creating space for art via the medium of the exhibition. The process of display, placing, laying down, hooking up is what I do. Finding the space that my fabrications will respond to and resonate with is key to my practice.

I have participated in curation of exhibitions, and am an active member in gr_und project space in Berlin.

List of exhibition:

Corona Culture, (Co-curator, assistant producer), Alte Munze, Berlin Germany, October 2021
Ping Pong, (co-curator), gr_und, Berlin Germany January 2022
Mortal Shell, (assistant curator), gr_und, Berlin Germany Febuary 2022 
unreal city, under the brown fog of a winter dawn, (curatorial)gr_und, Berlin Germany July 2022
ASSETS MUST BE STRANDED, Oliver Ressler, (Assistant curator, assistant producer) State of Concept Athens, Greece, May-Sept 2022