verarching theme is the corporate turn entertainment in the club and specifically techno industry has taken - underlying theme is that of the dance and a self expression personal to all - that happens in these spaces.

Having ventured through the club spaces, specifically techno clubs in Europe for the past 8 years, I have come to question why it has grown to become what it is today: a Mecca of controlled hedonism .

What makes a techno night, for ones who have experienced it, an unforgettable experience that makes you crawl for more? Is it the drugs you’ve perhaps indulged in, making you hit that serotonin and love high level, the (perhaps) deep conversations you’ve had with complete strangers, this ephemeral exchange with the other, or the pounding rhythm of the music and you, alone, dancing to its beating heart? Perhaps it is all of these above, perhaps none of them and you despise these spaces, have had terrible traumatic experiences of something else.

It is in its capital Berlin that I have explored this once called underground or counterculture scene, trying to find its wild/animal/fauve essence and wondered, how can this raving soul become a high paying entertainment industry? OR an adult playground?


What happens when techno becomes corporate?

This exclusive, branded, normalized, monetised, hyped culture has taken on to standardize what it means to party in style, in the right way. Rules, regulations have been put into place in order for (controlled) decadence to happen, yet there are unspoken norms and rituals that live within its audience.

Why has Techno become a format of partying?

This work reflects an interpretation of this techno Mecca. It reveals an inner sensation of globalized dance. It is not a generalization on what it means to party, rather it is a reflection on the electronic dance party. It considers the observed reality of exclusivity, consumer entertainment, and conversations paying in loop. The sonic 4 channel speaker installation brings you think critically about your engagement within an exclusive space of entertainment. Are you an audience, an active participant, a voyeur, an indulger, a maker, a tourist?

Yes, this piece is a reflective process of my artistic research, questioning this industry, while acknowledging that perhaps, through repetition, differences occur.