L’usine MF

Installation, France, 2021

I installed my work in an abandoned  paper factory. It is interesting to consider this space in relation to our current days. They had become the cathedrals of the industrial era, and now have no utility in rural France. This space, like other abandonned buildings, have become obsolete, and this is what I find interesting.

The film explores my work in this factory. Between still shots, fixed shots, and moving/rotating images, it offers a view on a display I have been working on since January. There are found objects such as little statues, my father's old tennis towel, a maquette of a lion's foot, the vertically cut chairs, the vertical blinds, and edible croissant, whipped cream, and egg yolk and pork trotters. Characters enter the space and disappear in a mysterious way.

︎ Link to the video here