Muriel Lisk McIntyre is a multimedia and conceptual artist based in Edinburgh and Berlin. She questions ideas of duality within identity, emphasised through her working process of large scale installations and 2D collages.

She assemble materials and forms of different aspect, such as vertical blinds, synthetic furs, used chairs and old shoes. Although industrial, these everyday objects, from which emanates a lived experience, detach themselves from the seriality inherent to their origin. Faded, they bring the neutrality of the pure module back to life, as she disrupt them with animal produce such as real furs, egg yolks, pork trotters.. These works function as interferences that introduce a doubt and act on the thought. Rigid and fixed installed materials are juxtaposed with soft, organic materials, which creates ephemeral scenographies where she associate the degradable with the geometrically shaped and mass produced objects.

She is the co-founder with Claire McIntyre of Marie Jayne Chanel, an artistic collective questionning normativity and conformism, through visual accounts, conversations and happenings.